SFHAX The Workplace Community
Systems For Human Action EXchange (SFHAX)



SFHAX The Workplace Community is a comprehensive enterprise level labor exchange similar to a stock exchange combined with an automated hiring hall.

Tech Play

SFHAX The Workplace Community is a tech play that can reach IPO status in a relatively short period of time; one that has real potential to not only generate substantial profit but to give entrepreneurs and businesses tools that will enable them to make more efficient use of labor resources.

Richard A. Cornell, PE the founder of SFHAX The Workplace Community is a licensed professional engineer with a masters in economics. He has over 40 years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, banking and computer software design. He has filtered his experience in both profit and non profit enterprises through his education in engineering, management and economics to develop the economic concepts on which SFHAX The Workplace Community is based.

SFHAX The Workplace Community is an enterprise level software system that is cloud based and written in proven software languages. Currently SFHAX The Workplace Community is running the system on virtual servers in the IBM Cloud®.

Fast Return on Investment

The labor market is huge. SFHAX The Workplace Community estimates that if it can get 2,000 people at the average wage rate to use its exchange, a tiny fraction .05% of the labor market in the 4MM New York - New Jersey Metropolitan market, it would be a financial success. SFHAX The Workplace Community looks to grow beyond that and become a national enterprise. SFHAX The Workplace Community believes that once the concepts that SFHAX pioneers in the labor market catch on, both Employers and Employees will want to join creating a network effect that will enable SFHAX The Workplace Community to grow to significant size.

Research and Development Complete

Currently SFHAX The Workplace Community has spent over 6 years developing the computer systems that drive SFHAX The Workplace Community and is starting a limited rollout.

SFHAX The Workplace Community is designed from basic economic principles, is comprehensive and is a generic enterprise level system yet specialized by vertical markets.

SFHAX The Workplace Community is being formed as a Delaware Corporation under the name Systems For Human Action, Inc. so that it can be positioned to grow. When working capital is available it intends to start operations in the New York City - Newark Metro area, Vermont and the Southern Florida Metro area.

The core team is located in Northern New Jersey.


SFHAX The Workplace Community plans on taking a percentage of the Labor Payment as its base fee and charge additional fees for services such as instructor led training and economic data.

Financial Objectives

If you are interested in learning more about SFHAX financial status and how you can profit please contact by email workplace.advisor@sfhax.org.

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