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Workplace Community Advisor Member

Workplace Advisor Members would typically be Human Resource and Labor Relations practitioners working with labor attorneys and arbitrators. The Workplace Advisor Member specializes in one or more particular vertical labor markets with SFHAX The Workplace Community providing administrative support. The Workplace Advisor Member is an independent business person who can grow their business and profit within the SFHAX The Workplace Community.

SFHAX The Workplace Community Workplace Advisor Members take on some of the human resource and legal responsibilities of an employer. They review each Employee Member's qualifications and classify them into labor classifications. The Workplace Advisor Member is the person responsible for certifying that an Employee Member meets standards set by SFHAX and has labor qualification(s) as well as mediating disputes between Employer and Employee Members.

The Workplace Advisor Member does not provide labor qualifications. Labor qualifications are provided by qualification providers such as schools, colleges, universities, professional associations, trade unions, trade associations, company training programs, etc. An Employee Member will earn labor qualification hours as they successfully complete labor assignments under a SFHAX The Workplace Community labor classification.

Workplace Advisor Members are paid a percentage of the Labor Payments made to the employee members they manage. The more managed Employee Members and the higher their Labor Payments the more the Workplace Advisor Member earns. Over time the Workplace Advisor Member will build a portfolio of Employee Members and generate a significant steady flow of income.


Next Steps

Fill out the application or contact workplace.advisor@sfhax.org by email. The Workplace Advisor Member is an Employer Role. If you are an human resource professional but do not want to run your own business then apply as an Employee. In either case you will be contacted by a SFHAX The Workplace Community representative to help you through the process of becoming a member.

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