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SFHAX The Workplace Community Employer Members see Employee Members as similar to 1099 contract workers. The Employer Members engage, supervise and manage the Employee Members including preparing a safety plan. SFHAX The Workplace Community takes on the traditional employer responsibilities of paying for workers' compensation insurance, employer payroll based taxes, compensation and benefits such as medical insurance, pension, paid time off, etc. This split allows the Employee Member to work for multiple Employer Members while getting full time benefits customized to his or her household's needs and budget.

The Employer Member only pays one flat hourly rate called a Labor Payment and does not concern her or himself with details of providing benefits and some aspects of the human resource task. An individual can be both an Employer which can be a sole proprietor or household, and Employee Member of SFHAX The Workplace Community along with being a hiring manager of a corporation or partnership,.

SFHAX The Workplace Community for recurring work maintains a standard system of 24 hour/7 days per week full time and part time work schedules based on industry practices and provides on call and split shift options. It also has various task based work arrangements for work that needs to be completed by a particular date and for a not to exceed number of hours.

The Labor Payment is the total cost of employing someone for an hour and includes employer paid taxes, workers' compensation, benefits, SFHAX The Workplace Community fee and Compensation (wage or salary).

Employers post their needs by labor classification in a schedule of 4 hour Work Periods or they list a task that needs to be performed by a certain date and the expected number of Work Periods to complete the task. They also list the Labor Payment they are willing to pay.

SFHAX The Workplace Community allows for types of special pay arrangements such as draw and commission and officer draw and lump sum if targets met.

The exchange provides web based services that allow both the Employer and Employee Members to modify their Labor Payment until agreement is reached. The agreed amount will be placed by the Employer Member into a Labor Payment account maintained and paid out weekly for the hours worked. Benefits, workers' compensation, fees and employer taxes will be paid by SFHAX The Workplace Community from the Labor Payment.


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