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Systems For Human Action EXchange (SFHAX)


Workplace Community Employee Member

SFHAX The Workplace Communityis designed to move people into employment that makes the highest and best use of their skills and talents and provide consistent benefits regardless of the number of employers for which the individual works over their entire working career.

Employee Members bring documentation of their education, training and past employment to a Workplace Advisor Member who classifies the Employee Member into various labor classifications. Employee Members can have multiple labor classifications starting from their first high school working papers until retirement from the work force.

The Workplace Advisor Member also helps the Employee Member budget the split between compensation and benefits. Benefits include, medical insurance, pension and paid time off. Compensation which is equivalent to wage or salary and benefits are combined with employer payroll based taxes, workers' compensation and SFHAX The Workplace Community fee to total the Labor Payment fee that the Employer Member sees. The Employee Member can vary their Compensation which changes the Labor Payment. The Employee Member also specifies a work schedule and asking Labor Payment. Commission and bonus type labor payment plans are available.

The Emplyee Member can work a recurring work schedule or on a task basis. They can also specify the amount of work travel they are willing to take and distance to work site. Work from home is allowed.


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