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Economic Theory Behind The SFHAX Workplace Community

The SFHAX Workplace Community is based on an efficient system of exchanges. The exchanges are intended to clear the land, labor and production function markets. Continuous clearing of these markets will ensure that all available resources are employed in the most economically useful manner, based on the voluntary subjective choices of the market participants. Richard A. Cornell, PE founder of SFHAX wrote The Pure Theory of Human Economic Action to explain in relatively simple terms the basic theory he used in designing and building the SFHAX Workplace Community.

The sections listed below excerpted from The Pure Theory of Human Economic Action outline the key theoretical concepts underlying the SFHAX Workplace Community. They are organized starting with the most fundamental requirements of humans acting together in a humane, organized society.

The First Requirement of a Free Society based on Voluntary Agreements IS a Government that can Enforce Property Rights and Contracts, and punish those who initiate force and deception, including fraud, against others.

Once these basic requirements of civilization are met, production and then consumption follow. The concepts of time, value and medium of exchange allow for economic calculation. Economic calculation is the basis for investing, entrepreneurship, and organized efficient markets and exchanges.

The Pure Theory of Human Economic Action

Please contact richard.cornell@sfhax.org for a complete copy of The Pure Theory of Human Economic Action. A complete copy includes references, definitions and mathematical formulas.

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